Danny Bull is an accomplished journalist and filmmaker, currently working as a Senior Cameraman for the BBC in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been with the BBC since 2014 first as a Video Journalist in 2014 and then promoted to Senior Cameraman in 2017 covering stories across South-East Asia and beyond.

Prior to joining the BBC, Danny was a Multimedia and Interactive Producer for the Associated Press, where he honed his skills in directing, producing, and filming news and documentaries on a global scale. He has worked across six continents, gaining a broad global perspective.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and raised in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Danny speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai which allows him to effectively communicate and work with people from diverse backgrounds. He has received numerous awards for his work and is known for his ability to capture compelling stories and images from around the world.

In his free time, Danny likes to create tutorials on his youtube channel where he shares tips and tricks on editing, cinematography, and lighting.

Connect with me here:

dannyabull@gmail.com +66.81.848.5532